WE run both Nigeria and British Curriculum

Manner Makes the Man

At ATSA private schools we run a curriculum that abide with Education scheme Our students in secondary classes are well prepared for junior and senior WAEC Our basic classes run the universal basic education scheme to prepare students for external and internal examinations.
Staff- ATSA management only recruit high premium on professionalism such as bringing well motivated and qualified teachers and non-teaching staffs.
Assignment and Home work- we accommodate home monitoring Examination/test and Assessment- we combined class work, homework sporting activities, social activities and excursion, also student research work and presentations Attendance- punctuality of students is our watch word.
We care and monitor our students and make them love school and willing to be in school at all time should in case any student is faced with any challenges and does not show up in school, we make a quick phone call to the parent to ask why is the student not coming to school.
Although ATSA school doesn’t conform to most people's mental image of what a school is meant to look , we are committed to providing an international recognized academic education that gives our students the ability to be competitive and successful in the wider world.

You'll find all of the traditional subjects here up and down the grade levels. The difference at ATSA school is that academics come wrapped in rich layers of experiential, environment, and entrepreneurial learning and the creative arts.
In the process we hope to create more authentic motivation for learning and at the same time expand our students sense of global citizenship and environmental responsibility while exposing them to different possibilities for how we live and grow as a fragile planet.

The ATSA school curriculum is in the three frame day. where every day includes: The Integral Frame
Thematic teaching challenges the students in four ways: physically intellectually, emotionally and spiritually- in every lesson .This enables students to have deeply satisfying learning experience , develop as whole people and remain engaged with the learning processes a result the integral themes support the students ever widening interests and stages of awareness.
The Instructional Frame
These lessons target core skills that need respective practice. they are underpinned by traditional subjects syllabi, including: mathematics, English ,social studies ,art, Home economics etc.
The Experiential Frame This frame occupies an extended time slot each day. Experiential sessions link students to real world enterprises and take advantage of learning opportunities that arise on, or off, campus, eg the arrival of cultural group.etc
All this is to promote

  • 1- To facilitate entrepreneurial ,technological education
  • 2- To promote diverse health and physical education opportunities and
  • 3- To provide for arts and crafts education..