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Posting the wonderful and beautiful front view of ATSA Private Schools.

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Inner View

Visitors are welcome to view the school from monday to friday 9am to 3pm daily .

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Our Schools has a dedicated Computer class room and a modern Library with internet where students can learn how to make use of Computer and ict in getting information and research .Including digital technology use to enhance,supplement or replace a traditional education curriculum. .

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Our sick bay are meant for sick and injured students since health is paramount to us and health is wealth we make sure we look after our students and make sure that they are fine at all time . our sick bay has a dedicated school nurse that attend to the sick always we give first aid and if the injuring goes beyond our nurse we then refer to the government approved hospital but we always promise to give the best health care to our students at all time so parents has nothing to worry about..

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Our Sport fit Co-coordinator, ensures team sports are well managed. We have a firm belief in 'fair play for all', and work hard to maintain these standards. Our new Playing ground which is skillfully connected to our old playing ground. Being bigger than many schools playing ground It has already proved to be an invaluable resource for both the school community and the wider community.

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